Regardless of how high or low a heel is, it can work wonders for the final expression of your outfit. Heels add an elegant touch, and as a bonus, they give you a few extra centimeters of height and the illusion of longer legs. Heels can also help improve your posture. It's just easier to walk in high heels with a straight back.

    On this page, you'll find our selection of pumps and boots with heels - both high and low. You can acquire both black and nude pumps as well as high-heeled boots with short and long shafts. There is something for every taste and style. Explore the selection of heels below and find the pair that will find its way home to you.

    Pumps and high heels for everyday and parties

    Many consider heels to be something that belongs to parties and finer events. Although heels undoubtedly fit well with parties, there is nothing wrong with wearing footwear with heels for everyday wear.

    A pair of black pumps, for example, is a good and stylish choice. The heel gives you a little extra height, but without the color becoming too flashy. In addition, black is known to match everything. Therefore, you never have to worry about whether today's shoe choice matches today's clothing choice when you quickly have to leave the house in the morning.

    High-heeled boots give you more stability

    If you're not so much into pumps and want footwear with heels that fit better on your foot, then high-heeled boots are undoubtedly something you should take a closer look at. Boots naturally fit better on your foot. When a heel is added to the boots, it can be easier to walk in because boots provide greater stability.

    At Cashott, you'll find boots with heels with both short and long shafts. Especially boots with a long shaft are a good choice for dresses that go to around the knee. The long shaft creates an illusion of longer legs, and who doesn't like that?

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