Sandals are a must-have when summer arrives and warmer temperatures hit the country. In the warm weather, it is often more comfortable to wear a pair of sandals rather than closed shoes. Sandals allow your toes and feet to breathe and enjoy the warmth of summer.

    At Cashott, we have sandals with different expressions. Even though sandals as a shoe type can be worn with any summer outfit, the expressions of the sandals range widely, and thus, the overall look of your outfit will also change. Perhaps you prefer a pair of chunky sandals that go well with most summer dresses. Or maybe you're looking for a pair of high-heeled sandals for summer weddings. Whatever it is, you'll find it with us. Welcome summer and explore our selection of women's sandals below.


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    Pamper your feet with Cashott sandals

    A pair of sandals from Cashott is pure indulgence for your feet. With them on your feet, you can walk through most cities without getting sore feet. They are a good choice no matter what activity you do in the summer. Most of the sandals come with a strap around the ankle or heel and over the foot arch. It's important because it makes them sit securely on the foot, so you don't slip around in the sandals. It provides a more stable foundation when you walk around in the good weather, which means you won't get sore feet as easily. The straps are adjustable, so you can easily customize the sandals to fit your feet perfectly.

    Wide selection of boots and pumps

    In addition to sandals, we also have a wide selection of boots and pumps. Here you will find military-like boots and chunky chelsea boots in leather and suede that fit all occasions. If you're looking for a sleek shoe with a heel, we highly recommend our selection of pumps. Here you'll find high-heeled shoes that can be used for both work and parties. It's all about which outfit you match them with. We also often have items on sale where you can find a wide selection of our many shoes, boots, and sandals on offer.

    Cashott - A world of quality footwear

    At Cashott, we only produce high-quality footwear. This means that the footwear has a longer lifespan. The expressions of the shoes and boots are timeless and elegant. Combined with their durability, it means you don't have to constantly invest in new footwear every season to keep up with fashion. With Cashott shoes on your feet, you'll be fashionable for many seasons. If you have any questions for us, please feel free to contact us. You can call us at +45 38 10 45 42 or write an email to We will get back to you as soon as possible.