We keep up with the times without chasing the trends! That Danish sense of simple design combined with modern requirements for comfort, in European materials and manufacture is the unique recipe for the success of the Danish shoe brand Cashott Copenhagen. - Our motto is "design comfort" and that is the reason for our success in both Denmark and Europe. We keep up with the times without chasing the trends. We do not randomly skip around the styles and change with the seasons but stick to our concept and stay true to the common thread of our collections, says. We deliberately gives his boots, sneakers and sandals for women a typical Danish look, characterized by high quality and space for comfort in a modern, rugged design with room for feminine details. We create this own universe by being as creative as possible with soles, lasts and heels, wrapping the Danish common sense in the best Italian leather and having his designs made by skilled Portuguese craftsmen. This together provides a quality stamp that has secured Cashott Copenhagen a place in leading fashion stores in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic region, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Poland, Austria, Greece and Italy.

Cashott Copenhagen was started in the midst of a crisis but has done well because its customers have always received "value for money" and fashion and the interest in Danish design have favored us and our visions. We have many years of experience as a shoe designer for. That is part of the reason for our success. However, the brand's positive image and continued growth are also founded in the fact that, as a designer, we is always in direct contact with our customers at all fairs. It means a lot to the perception of our brand identity that we are available, and it is the starting point for an interesting dialogue that we otherwise would not enter. In a competitive market like the current one, learning that you have made something which people want provides great satisfaction.


"We keep up with the times without chasing the trends!"