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Manifest Womsh

We believe that fashion and sustainability need to go hanh in hand. We believe in changes that means a life in more harmony with nature.
We are convinced that we can make it far together. If we repeat the same action over and over, it will present  unexpected results.
Everything begins with a choice.

Word Of Mouth Shoes

Womsh comes from the desire for sustainability.
The name stems from the abbreviation of af Word Of Mouth Shoes for showing respect and love to the environment.


12.000 m2
of forest preserved

In five years we have created and preserved a large area of equatorial forest equivalent to 46 tennis courts.


74.225 kg
of CO2 equalized

Since 2014 we have equalized 74 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent to a comsumption of more than 10 million pieces of paper.


1.500 pairs of shoes
have been reused

In 2018 we reused 1500 pairs of sneakers from Womsh.

renewable energy

Almost all of the energy that our company uses comes from renewable energy sources.